Signature Programs

Transformational Leadership

Transformational-based leadership is a type of approach that uses influence and relationship-building to bring out the best in followers or employees.

As a speaker, Rico’s duty is to ensure the team members are actively engaged in their transformation process with the right mindset and enthusiasm. To do this, he poses thought-provoking questions, focuses on active listening, rewards personal growth throughout presentations, and creates an open environment where individuals can be heard.

This has methodology has been proven to drastically improve confidence and further enhance organizational dynamics. Rico’s ultimate goal as a speaker is to foster an effective leader who can identify viable solutions by utilizing tools of transformational-based leadership.

Audience Takeaways

Extraordinary Leadership

As a speaker in extraordinary based leadership, Rico has had the privilege of working with highly motivated and talented professionals all over the world.

His passion for this field enables him to articulate the power of a strong and creative approach to business. He is passionate about inspiring and informing others on how they can apply this leadership style to their own professional careers in order to be successful. While facilitating workshops on extraordinary based leadership, Rico provides teachable moments that enable his audience to understand this dynamic, as well as provide them with practical tools they can utilize immediately.

Together, we explore how powerful emotions, trusting relationships, and active listening can assist individuals in being more effective leaders while furthering the success of their business.

Audience Takeaways

Purpose Driven Leadership

As a speaker in the area of purpose-driven leadership, Rico’s approach is two-fold. First, he believes passionately in equipping individuals and teams to lead with purpose. Rico provides practical tips and strategies that can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Second, Rico’s speaking style is engaging, interactive and motivational with the aim of inspiring others to make a positive change. During each event, participants take away key concepts to help them identify their ultimate purpose.

They will also understand how their purpose forms the basis for their journey as individuals and teams – giving them the insight to self-motivate themselves and become better leaders.

Audience Takeaways

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As an authority on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion leadership, Rico believes it is imperative to set an example for others that DE&I is not just something to talk about, but something to demonstrate every day.

In his DE&I program, he strives to create an intentional dialogue between all members of the management team and throughout the entire organization to recognize and capitalize on individual strengths while leveraging unique backgrounds and perspectives.

It is Rico’s goal with his audiences to build trust, foster collaboration, and increase creativity through a thoughtfully considered understanding of DE&I. He accomplishes this by utilizing agile facilitation methods to create safe spaces for everyone at the table. By actively engaging participant teams in several projects collaboratively, he successfully demonstrates that inclusion is foundational for organizational success.

Audience Takeaways

Change Management

Change management is crucial in this day and age. In this program, Rico discusses why getting to know your organization, understanding its core values, and utilizing available resources strategically can lead to successful change management.

Based on his diverse experience, Rico has seen firsthand how organizations need direction from a qualified leader to successfully implement change initiatives that are embraced by everyone.

In his speaking engagements, there is emphasis on the fact all leaders must be flexible and open-minded since this type of leadership is constantly evolving as society changes for the better.

Audience Takeaways